Monday, March 09, 2015

Changes in the Stake

On March 1st our Stake President came to invite our ward to a special meeting at 3. I thought it was odd. We all kind of figured they were going to change some boundaries but I was still unsure about it because they were doing it when one or two wards in our stake were still in church.

We went and after a lot of talking and dragging on for longer than they needed to we found out that they were organizing a brand new ward. The wards that were not at the meeting were the ones that were not really effected.

With the new ward they really changed things around. It was made by taking people from around four wards. We just so happen to be right in the middle of this new ward. From our previous ward the stake took 50 households of the 150 to make the new ward. More than half of the ward council for the 9th ward (our previous ward) was now in a new ward. The bishop from our old ward is now in the new 7th ward with us and is still the bishop. Luckily he had one of his counselors come with him as well since they live right across the street from one another.

From the 9th ward our new ward took the YW president, Relief Society president, and Primary president. Jozet, was the YW president and got called to be the president in the new ward as well. Libby, who was the RS president is now the Primary president. The new RS president came from a different ward. When we were in the stake meeting the Stake President released everyone from their callings that were moving wards. If you stayed in the same ward, keep your calling unless otherwise released from the bishop. So, I am no longer an Activity Days leader. Chad however is still the Ward Mission Leader. I saw that coming from a mile away. We have the same bishop and the calling is generally a 2 year calling from what we were told so I kinda figured that the bishop would want to keep Chad in that calling in the new ward.

I was expecting to hear calling after calling on Sunday, but the only callings that were made were the quorum and auxiliary presidents. Not a single counselor was called. The bishop's daughter came home from her mission on Wednesday so it makes a lot of sense. At least he has his ward council for next week.

In other news, we no longer have church at 9... we went from 1 last year to 9 this year and then back to 1. NO!!! I am pretty sure the whole stake center heard me groan a bit with that one. I have rather had 8:30 or sometime after noon. I have never really had anything at a reasonable time. Kathrynne has a harder time with 1. I didn't really think that it was going to be a hard transition but after having 9 for two months and then changing to 1 all of the sudden I realized that 1 really is the harder time.

We are really excited about this new change and are so happy that we get to be a part of this. It will sure be an adventure.


Jess Clark said...

I've been through two ward re-alignments during my life, one in South Jordan and one in Fruit Heights. In our current situation, we are much like you -- we were put into a brand new ward that pulled from a few others in the area. It's been very interesting to see a new ward "grow up" in a sense. There were some real struggles relating to budget, equipment (for example, Scouts), fitting in the building, etc. But it's also a fun experience to start all new ward traditions. As long as those traditions don't include things like burning candles on the sacrament table.

Kaitlin Lanham said...

Jess, I didn't know that. When did that happen? Candles? Catholicism much? Or do I just not get it?
I am really excited to see what calling I get but that will probably be a few weeks or so before I get anything. The traditions will be really fun... especially with Janice Kapp Perry in our ward. I may or may not be a bit nervous to ever sing a solo in our ward... or sit next to her. haha Just throwing that out there.