Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Campus Savvy

I'm doing a project/game for Purchasing/Travel and for Financial Services at BYU. I am submitting photos of various places or things on campus and they have to guess where they are. I just wanted it to be a simple e-mail every couple of weeks but they have blown it up into a great "initiative" which is not what I envisioned. I"ll let them handle it how they want, but I'm having fun taking photos and going over old ones.

Here are a few pictures I took this week. I don't think it's even legal (anywhere) to have shoes over a power line, but they are on campus. I'll see if anybody can find them.

 This picture is for Adrianne. These are the cutest giraffe puzzles I've ever seen! And they are on campus.
 The giraffes fill a woman's office that works in the Physics Department. I saw her office for the first time last summer. She gave me two little ones and I love them. She has never been to Africa and has only seen a giraffe in a zoo. All the professors bring her one when they come back from trips. They are all unique and wonderful. She has some that are as tall as I am in one corner of the room. Only about 2 buyers will know where this is on campus. It's worth everybody's trip over there just to see these cute things.

 Those of you who attended BYU will know where this dino (or whatever he was) resides.
 On Saturday we had a cute little squirrel play in our trees. He's been around most of the winter, following the quail around. He literally flies from tree to tree. It's amazing to watch him.
Happy spring, everybody!


Kaitlin Lanham said...

Nan Ellen and her giraffe's are the coolest.

The Duke said...

You knew her office! You are campus savvy. Do you know where the hanging shoes are? Does Chad? You drive right past them every day.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Cool Mom!