Sunday, March 08, 2015

Happy Spot

Today was gorgeous! Had I owned a nice lounge chair, I would have taken it outside to sit and soak in the sun. This little spot in our back yard is my happy spot. I am always so excited when the flowers bloom. I was really surprised to see a bee around the flowers. I can't remember a single year when bees have been out this early. Robins appeared this week as well. Spring is here!

 Yesterday Gillian threw a birthday party for Mia. She had about 10 little friends come over. Mia is obsessed with the Little Mermaid so that was the theme of the party. Gillian did a great job with the food and decorations. The kids decorated little fish with cute little sticker things. That's what's on the floor behind Mia. Here she is modeling a cute costume one of her friends gave her.

 Cute, cute cupcakes. Gillian made these cute shells out of white chocolate. Almond extract was in the frosting. Yum.

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The Duke said...

I wonder who is prettiest, the flowers or the little girl?

Dad Clark