Monday, March 30, 2015

Good Weekend

We had a great weekend. I spent Saturday morning helping Gillian and then met Jim at a furniture store where we finally bought our first "real" sofa. We ordered it so it won't come for about 3 weeks. That will give us time to get rid of the white love seat downstairs and move the plaid couch from upstairs to downstairs. We also have a TV to get rid of so this should all happen within a week.

Friday night Jim received a call from a member of the bishopric asking us if we could be ushers on May 19th for the Payson Temple open house. I did a happy dance all over the house. I am so excited to be part of this event!

Sunday we got a new bishop and new counselors. Bishop Merrill and family need to move to a warmer moister climate to keep him alive because of all the problems he has with his lungs. They will head southeast somewhere. Andy May is now the new bishop and we are delighted! He and his family are very good friends and we respect him a great deal. He will be wonderful with the youth! Seth Waite is the 1st counselor and Dallin Millington is the 2nd counselor.

Friday after school Ammon brought his report card home. He has a 3.9 GPA. He was so excited! If we take the report card to Krispy Kreme, he gets a donut for every A he has. Yum.... we're heading out this weekend. He is in the final term now for high school. Graduation will be May 28th. He is getting pretty excited. He also asked a beautiful girl to Prom and she said yes. He blessed the sacrament and bore his testimony Sunday.

Today I took another walk during lunchtime. I found a stairway to nowhere. I have no idea why these stairs were built.

 I love this tree at the Provo Temple. I find trees to be very interesting without leaves. I love the lines and I like this picture.
 The spring flowers at the temple are yellow and white this year. Every year I anxiously look forward to what it's going to look like. I love springtime! 

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Hola me parecen muy bonitas las fotos. un saludo