Saturday, August 02, 2014

Sarah & 4-H

Sarah has been in 4-H for about 3 years and today is the first time I've been to one of her shows. It was a lot of fun, bringing back sweet memories for me. Yesterday was the first show where they were judged. Today was the speed show. All the kids participated in three events: the barrels, pole bending and quadrangle.

 Nice tight turn in the barrel race.

 She kept her head up, which is what she's supposed to do.
 Coming home! She had a good time and I was very impressed.!

 This is the quadrangle. There are some poles set and they have to run around to the right around two poles and to the left around two other poles in a certain pattern.

 Goof balls!
 Pole Bending.  Sarah got a good time on this event as well. The horse has to weave around a line of poles. Sarah's horse, Scottie showed good form. He hasn't been trained in these events before but the two of them together are going to give the champions a run for them money next year!

 Today was a fun day for the kids. They dressed up and painted and decorated their horses.

It was a lot of fun! Everybody ought to go next year - to cheer Sarah on and to see what they do. It's pretty great.

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chelsey said...

Thanks for coming to her show! It means a lot! It was nice to get to visit with you and watch you relive some memories too. :)

Glad she had an overall good day!