Saturday, August 09, 2014

Goings On

The other morning I went up to the temple before work. The sky was very smokey, making the mountains shrouded in a look of mystery. I decided to have some fun with these photos - wanted the outline of Angel Moroni to be the focal point.

Today was Thursday's Heroes. Jess and family came this year. We took Brenden with us, but he maintained the entire time that Iowa was a better team - even when he sat at lunch with Coach Tidwell. The coach said to me as he left, "We'll convert him." :)
 When Ammon was inducted in 2008, they team had the large boulder (below) in their screening room. They all had to chisel out this Y. It's done now and in place by the stadium. It looks nice.
 Michael Yeck. I work with his wife, Kelsey. They are a really cool couple. He is on a national watch list (can't remember which one right now) as a linebacker. He broke his toe last week so he will have to sit out 4 games.
 This is the main quarterback, Tayson Hill. He is not the least bit cocky. He is very kind and calm.
 This guy sat at our table for the entire lunch and he was awesome! His name is Josh Carter. He is a defensive center lineman. He is from Tuscon, AZ. He served his mission in Salt Lake City and said they were so busy he could hardly believe it. He was a lot of fun to talk to.
 Ammon has met Michael Alisa twice. He went to Ammon's middle school with a couple of women volleyball players for some reason and Ammon got to meet him there. He was injured most of last year so we'll see how he does. They moved him to a different position this year - he now plays the position that Kyle Van Noy played. Not an easy job to fill Van Noy's shoes. Alisa is a great guy.
It was a nice day. It wasn't too hot, the scrimmage wasn't too long and it was relaxing.
Tonight we are babysitting Kathrynne, Mia and McKay. All three are asleep at the same time! Miracles do happen.


Michelle said...

Funny that Brenden loves Iowa so much that he said that to the Coach. Glad he got to experience Thursday's heroes with everyone. I was wondering if he had gone and why he wasn't in the pictures. Too funny.

The Duke said...

Jess took a couple for me of Brenden. He didn't sit at the same table as we did and I was in a very long lunch line. Coach Tidwell was already gone when I got there. But you can see at least once picture of Brenden from Jess' FB post.

Michelle said...

Thanks. Just found that picture.