Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Summer

We've had so many happy moments this summer with all the little grandkids. It's been very busy but so much fun with everyone.

David and family left this morning. We were sad to have them go. We just keep falling in love with all the kids.

Gillian threw a cute little birthday party for McKay's 1st birthday. He is a happy, calm little boy.

 Just look at that pose!
 McKay took the new clothes he got and threw them right over his head.
Kathrynne was all decked out for the party.
 Cool dude and dudette.
 Cool mule.

 I just need pictures of Adam's kids and Lance's kids now and my wall will be complete. I took a few pictures of David's girls so I can hang them on the wall.  These are a few but probably not the ones that will go on the wall.


Jess Clark said...

This has been a fun summer of family. Lokodi's, Richards, VA-Clarks, Brenden, Jared, and all the usual Utah suspects (Mohlman, Lanham, Pugh, and us). Not typical, for sure!

It's great to see all these siblings and their kids as they all grow up. What a family this has become.

Kaitlin Lanham said...

You called Kate Lucy.... hahahahaha