Sunday, August 10, 2014

Good Samaritans

Tonight Jim wanted to go for a ride. Brenden suggested Lincoln Beach at Utah Lake so we took a few detours to get there. Brenden saw some goats. He always says, "Grandma! We need a dog! Grandma, we need a cat. Grandma! We need some goats." I always laugh and say, "When you graduate and move away we'd get stuck with the animals so.... no." He needs to work with a veterinarian. He loves animals!

 I really like the picture below. I haven't taken many good ones lately. But the two below I really like.

Last week I took the van to work so Jim could take the small car to SLC. As I drove into the parking lot and parked, steam came up out of the hood so I knew we had trouble with the radiator. Jim came and switched cars and found that there was a broken hose. He got it fixed and it was working well all week. So we go on this ride tonight. As we are leaving the boat harbor and go up the road a ways, we could smell antifreeze and the heat gauge went way up. We stopped by the road side to see what was going on and to let the car cool down. Several cars went by without stopping or even asking if we needed help. Obviously we needed help. The hood of the van was up and we were standing around waiting for it to cool down. We figured we'd try to get back down to the lake and see if any campers had a container for water. I watched the cars go by. Finally a couple came by and then backed up to see if we needed help. They were really nice. They went to the camp ground, found two buckets of water and brought them back to us.  The parable of the good Samaritan came to my mind. So many people passed by without even looking at us. This couple was willing to follow us all the way home if we needed. The man had two piercings in both ears and his arms were covered in tattoos. The woman also had a tattoo on her back. Despite those, they were a nice looking couple. Because of their demeanor, I felt immediately at ease. She introduced herself to Ammon and we had a short visit. She graduated from Spanish Fork High School in 2000. Her last name is Hess. One of you might know her. I'm glad that I am learning to reach out of my comfort zone and am willing to talk to anybody. I'm not sure I could have done that when I was in high school - or maybe even college.
We made it as far as the park in Elk Ridge. We had to stop again. I took Ammon out of the car and left Jim and Brenden there. I'm not sure why I left Brenden there. Ammon was in his manual wheelchair. I was supposed to go home, get some more water and take it back to the guys. I thought I was going to die about half-way home. Luckily, another good Samaritan came to my aid. A young man who just graduated from high school that knew Ammon asked if I needed help and pushed Ammon the rest of the way home. I am so beyond being proud! I welcome any and all help!
I hope I would be willing to stop and help someone by the wayside. I say I would but sometimes I wonder.  I'm just very thankful we got the van home and we were all safe.


Jess Clark said...

So you're saying I can go ahead and get that tattoo I've been wanting?

The Duke said...

If you are as nice as those folks, I guess so.

Michelle said...

Brenden looks taller. Glad those people helped you.