Saturday, February 22, 2014


Today we tackled the popcorn ceiling in the living room. Jim found a sheet rock guy who will come on Tuesday to take a look at the work we have to have him do. I am not about to pay for something we can do on our own, so I dragged Jim into this little adventure unwillingly. He tried not to freak out every time I took a step, worrying that I would be tracking asbestos all over the place. He helped me tape and do the edges and corners and then I kicked him out of the room. It was going really well with Jim's old blue sprayer until I had the room two thirds done. And then the sprayer broke. I had to finish the last third of the room with a little hand held sprayer I use when I iron clothes. It slowed the process way down and killed my wrists. But...... IT'S DONE!! Popcorn is all gone.

 Jim has made a frame to go inside the fireplace to have a way to attach the sheet rock. I want to put a little time capsule inside, never to be seen again.
I'm weary today. Jim is weary.  We're definitely getting too old to do stuff like this again. Somebody shoot me if I get another big hair like this one.

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Jess Clark said...

I am impressed! It looks tiring just looking at the pictures. Hope you don't die from exposure but it must be nice to have that stuff gone. Now on to a proper texture job!