Sunday, February 16, 2014

Busy Sundays

Our church schedule starts at 1:00 in the afternoon. I hate that time!  We have three wards that meet in our building so somebody has to go at 1:00. It's our turn this year.

I have two callings right now -- I'm still a Gospel Doctrine teacher, but it's been a lot easier because we only teach once a month since there are now four teachers. I am also the accompanist for the ward choir which takes considerable time to learn the pieces. This is how the day went today:  Ammon and I went to choir practice at a member's house at 10:30. We went to the church at 12:15 to practice in the chapel before church. Ammon gave a talk in sacrament meeting and did a great job! The choir sang in sacrament meeting as well so I played and Ammon sang with the choir. I taught my class and Jim taught his Priesthood class. We came home, fixed dinner and I crashed.

I have no idea where the rest is supposed to come into play on Sundays. Next week we will change choir practice to 9:00 at the church because it doesn't work too well at the member's house. No sleeping in from now on. Ah, Sunday naps.  You are a thing of the past.


Jess Clark said...

Well, it's a good thing you don't spend your time during the week doing anything else, right? Ha ha. Full weeks plus long Sundays means no rest for the weary.

Seth and Natalie said...

If you really need a break just leave Utah behind and come to Mackay. We always meet at 10, since we are the only ward in our building, and we don't even have a ward choir to take up precious Sunday sleeping time. I am serious, a Sunday with no naps seems a lot like every other day of the week.

The Duke said...

I'm so tempted, Natalie. We'll have to make it up there this summer after you have recovered from a new baby. We'd love to see you again. Ammon thinks you guys are pretty awesome and he's right, of course.