Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seven Course Meal

Last night was the big finale for the NACUFS Conference. All the BYU chefs put together a seven course meal and they knocked it out of the park. They have never served a meal like this one at BYU before. I'm missing one of the dishes -- I just took a picture as they brought out each meal and I guess I missed one.  Every plate was an explosion of flavor and a work of art. It was absolutely phenomenal!

 Mushroom consume before the broth.

 Compressed apple salad. (This photo isn't as sharp as it should be.)
 Utah trout - I liked this dish the best.
 I still don't know what this was - when you put it in your mouth it broke open to a liquid that was tangy and sweet all at once. This was done by some new process with chemicals.
 Waygu Beef and Lamb with miniature radish and carrot.
 One very, rich, very dark chocolate beauty on top of a little cake with cream.
 They held a President's Reception first in the Garden Court and served non-alcoholic Mai Tais and appetizers which included Mahi Mahi Tuna sitting in an edible spoon.
There were no BYU Brownies served at this meal. I doubt I'll ever be privileged to eat such fine food again in my life. What an impressive show these chefs put on.


Mike and Adrianne said...

That's cool. It looks like it was a delicious meal.

Michelle said...

Looks like amazing food.

Aurora said...

Muy apetitoso, bonita presentaciĆ³n.
Desde EspaƱa, Cantabria, ¡Felicidades!