Sunday, March 02, 2014

4 Weeks Out

Friday night Ammon attended the Pals Ball held at the high school. This is the dance that is sponsored by the Student Council and peer tutors for the special education students. They get all dressed up in fancy clothes, get photos taken, dance the night away and they get a flower to boot. Ammon had a blast at this dance!

 Gillian and Kevin celebrated Mia's 2nd birthday on Friday and then on Saturday they took her swimming at the Provo Rec Center and then had cupcakes and yummy ice cream at their house later that night. I think Mia was pretty tired by the time we got there but she still found time to make some goofy faces for me.
 Look at those eyelashes!
 Early Saturday morning Jim and Jess completed the task of patching all the holes with sheet rock. It took all day long but they (especially Jess) did a great job.
 Fireplace is now closed up.
 Cupboard was removed so the dishwasher can be moved over.

Friday night we placed the order for the cabinets. We decided to go with a very dark cabinet with the color of Umber. Everything is purchased. We have a lot of work to do in the next four weeks. It will take about that long to get the cabinets. Three major jobs left:  move a heating duct out of the middle of the floor, frame out the pantry and install the flooring (thank you, Jess, because you know how to do that). The mudding and texture on the ceilings may have to be done by a professional because of all the patch work but I can paint and plan to get that done as quickly as the walls are all ready. I can't wait! This morning when I walked into the hall and looked toward the "new" room, it was sunny and cheerful and welcoming. I was so happy and excited!

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Mike and Adrianne said...

Wish I was there to help paint! It is looking great so far. It will really be cool when it's all done.