Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Love My Family!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. I love you all so very, very much! You make my life worth living.

 BYU Campus Floral is an insane place this week. I bought all the ingredients that went into all the goodies they are selling along with more flowers than I've ever seen in one place before.
 Getting ready for the big day.  I wonder how many engagements are going to take place tomorrow on campus?
 On a different note, we brought the garbage containers into the house to put in some rocks. What a total mess!
 Jerry Lane brought his chipper machine over and he, Jerlynne, Alex and Robert tore the fireplace out in two hours. Dust flew everywhere. It's still really deep in some places in this house.
 But the job is done. Now we have to figure out how to close up the hole and remove the gas line and cap it off.  The ugly thing is now uglier but it's going to be prettier one of these days soon.

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Aurora said...

Los dulces tienen una pinta fabulosa, seguro que están riquisimos.
Un saludo desde España