Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Saturday

Jess spent all day Saturday working on sheet rock projects. He's pretty darn good with that stuff! They removed the 2x4s that separated the living room wall and filled the hole up.

 They could not finish this project which was where the old cabinets were removed above the old stove. The defunct fan that had been above the stove is wired in a weird way and they could not figure out how to safely remove it so we just put a temporary patch until we can get an electrician to come and remove the old fan.
 We removed the upper cabinets by the sink so they could remove the soffets above the cabinets and then they patched those holes and we re-hung the cupboards so we would have at least two cupboards for dishes, etc.  Jess remarked at the end of the day that it didn't look like we did much, but we did - at least Jess and Jim did. Thanks, Jess for coming and thanks to Jen and kids for sharing him with us for the day.
 I have hated the fireplace since the first day I saw this house. Jim started ripping it out. It is going to be a HUGE job! Probably the toughest of all. He is going to borrow a chipper gun from our neighbor which will make the removal of the cement behind the rocks easier. We will close the hole up so we'll have a solid wall, giving us a lot more wall space for furniture, bookcases or whatever else we decide to do in this area.
 Two rocks gone!! A million to go.
 There hasn't been much to photograph lately. We've all seen our share of snow and ugliness. It has rained here for the past couple of days. No snow. The Salem fields look like a large lake there's so much water. They got 4-6" of water in the mountains in the past three or four days and over 4 feet of snow at the ski resorts. We are grateful for the moisture. We're especially grateful that is will be in the mid-40s tomorrow and possibly into the 50s by Wednesday. We are not complaining!

This morning Elk Ridge was sitting in the middle of a cloud. There wasn't enough light to get a picture but I did take this one. I can't wait for spring!


LanceandNance said...

I still think you should keep the fireplace and just recover it with something more contemporary. A nice looking fireplace and mantle can really add warmth to a room. Just my two cents...

The Duke said...

We thought long and hard about it and even went over to see the Williams new fireplace (across the street) because they just re-did theirs. It is spectacular! However, it is a cost we can't afford and to have a gas fireplace, it's expensive to run. If we had the money, we would seriously consider the fireplace. As it is now, it's wasted space and it's very, very ugly.