Wednesday, February 05, 2014

letter from Caleb last week

Here is a letter from Caleb.  Spectra is his lighting/electrical design business he was running with a friend before he left on his mission.  They did lights for shows of all types, DJ ed weddings and much more.

When he is talking about the razor blades, he was out of them (just so that part of the letter makes sense)

It would be great if family would write him.  The address again is 2500 N. Bristol Street   Santa Ana, CA 92706

You don't have to send him stuff like packages, but a letter would be nice.  He prefers mailed letters, not e-mails.  Thanks.

Dear Mom,

It has been a crazy few weeks. In three weeks have have seen 3 baptisms, which has been amazing. Our zone is kicking the mission's butt, and there have been greater miracles here than I have ever seen in my entire life. I am freaking busy, but I love it. After over a month, I finally patched things up with Elder **** by taking the initiative to get things done. I am glad that we are finally working on the same team, because now we are working together to get the iPads in and not against each other. We have already lost months due to delays, but now we are for sure getting them shipped in on the 20th. I will get mine on the 26th of Feb, and the rest of the mission on the 6th of March... Suckers. 
Last week was a hard week, having received news that one of my friends lost her grandfather. We also lost our most progressing investigator who was going to get baptized last weekend. Then people started being retarded in the mission, and President has had to deal with tons of stupid missionaries, even sending one home. Gial.  I supposedly go home 9 months from today, which is a really odd feeling. I have to start figuring out school and stuff soon, which is not pleasant to think about. I don't even know what I'm going to do, I just know I want to do Spectra. Everything else seems inconsequential right now. Of course, everything is inconsequential to everything right now anyway. Last week I also got sicker than I have been in a long time, causing us to lose a day in the apartment. So rude body. So rude. I also have been cutting myself every morning when I shave because there is no money in my account to get my razor blades, so I have been using the same blade for the last 4 months. Feels good man. 
I got my P-Day shirt! I am the envy of the zone! I also got an In-n-out card from grandma and grandpa Lewis, which served me well today for lunch. That's all I got.

It has been 80 degrees and sunny and hazy for the last few weeks. It doesn't feel like winter. I feel sick in the heat. 

I have been crazy busy mom, and I haven't exactly known what to say in emails. What do you want to know? I haven't had a lesson with ***** recently.

Yesterday Satan was driving a car that tried to ram/beat us to an intersection but I (with the spirit) am a much better driver, so I got around it pretty quick, and his tire blew at 45 miles an hour and he lost control and spun around and went up on the curb and hit a wall at 45 miles an hour and smashed his car to pieces. I got around it alright and parked and ran back to see if he was ok. All his airbags had gone off and his car (a pimped out nissan 350 something) was demolished and leaking fluids. His air intake was outside the vehicle. Sucks for him, maybe he shouldn't have been trying to showboat in front of missionaries. It's not like God is with us or anything.... At one point during the crash, his car spun toward us, but then it was like someone grabbed it and threw it at the wall. Our car has no damage or scratches. Safe.

What do you want to know?


The Duke said...

It sounds like Caleb is always very, very busy. I'm glad the mission is using his talents and abilities.
He sounds great!

Jess Clark said...

Interesting experience with the car -- a bit freaky, but awesome.

Tell Caleb disposable razors are much cheaper; I've been using the same one for 4 months, too!

We seriously just wrote Caleb a few letters and he probably has them by now. We're not very good at letter writing to missionaries, though. I'm like Caleb -- actual mail was a treat while emails were a bit anti-climatic. Mom was such a good letter writer and wrote 4-5 pages typed it seemed every time. It was awesome.