Sunday, January 19, 2014

Arches are gone

Yesterday Brent & Chelsey, Jess and Chad & Kaitlin came to help with the kitchen project. Jake, Abby and Sarah were also great helpers. It was a long day and I'm sure everybody went home with sore wrists, banged up hands and sore backs. The back of Jess' pickup was filled with garbage. He took away the white trash stuff.
We are so thankful for the talents and willingness of all of you.

 Brent and Jess sketching out and discussing how to close the arches.
 One last look at the arches above the stairway to the basement.
 Chelsey and Kaitlin pulling out thousands of staples. We decided we didn't need to pull off the bottom layer of linoleum but we had to pull out the staples. It was a huge chore!
 Jake helping out. He helped carry old flooring outside and seemed to like ripping up the old stuff.
 This was a hilarious moment. As soon as Chad and Brent got the first sheet rock in place, they both gave a hearty "Tim Allen, Home Improvement" roar. Great job!  Funny boys.

 The framing for the sheet rock to cover the openings.
 Jess on a ladder covering the backside.
 This wall is next. As soon as Jim has the gas line plumbed on the south wall, the stove/oven will be moved to that wall and this wall will come down.
 We pulled thousands of these stinking staples out of the floor.
Arches are all now closed in. Mudding and taping is next to finish this wall which will be eventually be covered by cabinets.

I took the girls down to the store to look at the flooring, cabinet options and the granite I'm interested in. I think they talked me out of the cherry color. A dark chocolate cherry or straight white cabinets looked the best against the floor. I am more set on the floor than I am the color of cabinets so it won't be hard to change. (Just no oak or oak-looking cabinets!!) Hopefully the decisions will be finalized tomorrow and we can get some official quotes so we can move forward. Microwave dinners and washing dishes in the bathroom sink are probably in the very near future.

Thanks again to everybody! We truly appreciate you.


LanceandNance said...

Very cool. Looks like you guys are right on track! I love these kitchen updates.

Nancy Teusch said...

Loving it! We are familiar with those staples from our "hotel" redo. You SO deserve a new kitchen!!