Sunday, January 26, 2014

Here's to Mesotheleoma

Every night when I come out of my bedroom, I jump because I keep thinking there's a big man standing there. 

 Jim has started tearing out the kitchen wall - he had to expose the electrical wires. An electrician came late yesterday afternoon and did an hour's worth of work, but he can't come back until next Saturday so electrical work can't be completed until then.
 Here's to Mesothelemoa --  I started scraping off the popcorn on the living room ceiling. We just took one swipe to get it away from the wall when this side comes down. I hope to do one or two strips every couple of days so the job isn't so tough on my neck. We had intended to hire someone to remove this and our bedroom ceiling but we can save a couple of hundred dollars doing this ourselves.
 I hope none of our kids get cancer!!
It's slow going but it's going -- every day it gets to be a bigger mess.

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