Saturday, January 11, 2014

And So It Begins

And so the renovation of our worn-out kitchen really begins in earnest. Thanks to kids in the family for a financial donation for Christmas and for all those who have agreed to provide labor, we started tearing the kitchen apart. Two years ago, right after I got my knee done, Jim bought the stove, refrigerator and a freezer (outside in the garage). In order to get rid of the old oven, we moved things around a bit and tore out the first set of cabinets and counters. We thought we would be further along on this project, but Kaitlin and Chad got married so we put it off for a while. The floor is horrible and everything is just worn out and falling apart.

Chad and Kaitlin came over this afternoon and helped Jim tear out the island. Everything that was in the cupboards underneath are now in boxes. I picked out the things I most need to use and boxed everything else up. I'm not sure where we'll finally put them, but for now it will do. I now have NO counterspace to work on. Hmmmmm..... microwave meals it will have to be.

The old original floor is underneath the vinyl flooring we have now. I don't know which is worse - the white dirty one we've had on it or the really ugly green pattern. And that green pattern with the green countertops is really a 1970's style that my interior design teacher loved. Ugh.

Jim using the sawzall to remove the last part of the countertop.
 Can you say these drawers are worn out??
 We're white trash once again.
 When Chad and Jim removed the small cupboard facing north, a whole bunch of old newspapers fell out. The boys should remember that there were newspapers stuffed at the top of the first cupboards they removed a few years ago. The papers were from January 20, 1987. I got a kick out of the advertisement about a nursing home below.  Wouldn't that make you feel guilty if you put your mom in one and she sent you a note like this one?
 I thought Jason and Lance would like to see that on this day, Iowa was ranked #1 in basketball. BYU got 2 whole votes.

Island is out. The refrigerator will be moved near the sliding glass doors. Stove will move where the refrigerator is and the wall between the kitchen and living room will be removed. An island/bar area will be between the kitchen and living room. We will close in the wall with the arches so cabinets and a small desk area will be built there to make up for lost wall space.

I have been very nervous about this project, staying within a do-able budget and still have it look nice. We will get at least three bids for cabinets and we've looked at all options for countertops. I found my colors - now to figure out how to do the project in pieces so we can afford to complete it.
 This granite is on sale for nearly half off. I love it with the flooring I found, also on sale. The flooring is a laminate wood. We have to do a laminate due to the wear-and tear with Ammon's wheelchair. No carpet anywhere. I love wood floors so this is what we are doing. We are not sure we would do the granite. I don't have to have granite but it's $24.95/square foot and formica is $19.00/square foot. I have to weigh that and decide if I think the difference is worth it. Corian and other solid surfaces are far more expensive so we won't go that direction.  The floor is a must. The color is perfect. I will compromise as needed on everything but this floor.
 You can't tell the exact color of the cabinets but I'm pretty set on a cherry/reddish color. Jim isn't but I will win on the color of cabinets eventually. That color will be beautiful with the gray walls, white paint and the grayish floors.
Arghhhhhh!!! This is one scary project. We can't afford to make any mistakes.


Jess Clark said...

I am anxious to do what I can to help! This is exciting and I like what you're planning to do. The floor looks very rustic ... look forward to laying that.

Seth and Natalie said...

Your kitchen was very retro, but I really dig the old green patterned flooring. :)Good luck with everything going in. I like the all colors and things you picked out, they should look really good together.