Sunday, December 22, 2013

Best Christmas Surprise Ever!

Saturday morning I decided to get the rest of my friends and neighbors plates of cookies finished. I made about 16 dozen pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and then added a Christmas card I had made to each plate. Around 1:45 p.m. I was done and Jim and I left Ammon at home eating while we went up the street to deliver goodies. We had one friend that did not live on our street so we took them cookies as well. We were only gone about 15 minutes total but when we came home, there was a strange van sitting at the top of our driveway. The back door was up and a shovel was propped against the car. No people were in sight. I said to Jim, "Yup, that's just like us -- if we wait long enough the neighbors will come and dig us out." I then proceeded to go into the house. Standing in the entryway was a family -- they yelled "Surprise!" And there stood the Richards family. I just started screaming until I made sweet little Piper cry. I was so shocked! I had no idea they were coming. They didn't decide until Thursday and left on Friday. We finally got to meet their darling little girl and hug all the boys. What a special Christmas gift!

The first thing the boys did was don coats, gloves and boots and they headed out with parents to build a sleigh run off the deck (like Adam had done a few years ago for Henry). We don't have any sleds so the riding will have to wait a day or so until we can borrow some.  It's some serious run, believe me.

 Gillian and Kevin came up in the evening to spend time with everyone. The boys just gathered around Gillian and cuddled. It was cute!
No amount of gifts can equal family presence and time. This makes me so happy!

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LanceandNance said...

How awesome! Hope y'all have a ton of fun.