Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Preparations

As long as I can remember, Chelsey has had a passion for Christmas trees. The kids have a small one downstairs and she has two others, decorated very differently. I noticed that she has some very unique ornaments. Her house is festive. Gillian has some cute decorations as well.Her tree is cute with the bottom third of the decorations missing -- get this MIA -- missing in action because Mia loves them.We haven't seen the rest of the families' trees yet. Kaitlin and Chad are leaving at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for Grand Junction, Colorado to spend the Christmas week with Chad's family.

I love to see all the decorations and see the cute crafty things people do at Christmastime. I'm not crafty but I sure do appreciate those who are. Jim is ready for Christmas. I am not yet. Procrastination has become a big problem with me lately. Maybe it's lack of motivation.... I just like to watch everybody else get ready, I guess.

Hope you are all excited for the holidays. Crank up the Christmas songs!

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chelsey said...

Yes, I do tend to get a little excited about christmas trees. I always have, I guess. Love that christmas isn't about the gifts, but the feelings; and the lights, music, and decor are one way to bring in those feelings for me. It's peaceful!