Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The day Mike and Adrianne arrived, it was snowing and cold. But they went outside anyway and started building a sled run from our deck down to the bottom of our yard. Little did I know how fantastic this run would be. It looks like we're going to have some kids become Olympians -especially on the luge. Mike and the boys worked a long time moving snow, banking the sides so they wouldn't run into trees but so they would get the most distance possible. What blew me away was that they put Piper on a sled and she went down it by herself and loved it! It was so much fun to watch all the kids outside today. The boys played for hours and Piper probably would have stayed out longer had her mom let her.
Unfortunately, the battery on the camera died before I was able to get pictures of Mia. She was as unafraid as Piper. Tomorrow I'll get some pictures of her.

Piper all decked out in hat, coat and beads.
 The top of the run early in the day. It's now a long longer, steeper and slicker.
 The boys getting Piper ready to go.
 Will having a great time.
 Mike hauling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of snow to bank the sides.
 Isaac taking a turn.
 Our little luge Olympian flying down the hill.

 Wipe out before he even began. He became an expert luger.

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