Sunday, March 03, 2013

Family Get Together

 Last night we were invited to attend a one-year-old birthday party for Miss Mia. Since we had three birthdays within a couple of days, we celebrated Gabe's, Lauren's and Mia's. Gillian reserved her church because both families have a lot of people. I was really glad she had the party because it gave us an excuse to get together as a family, the first such togetherness since Christmas. The Mohlmans really know how to throw parties because they have a family party with every birthday.

I enjoyed looking at the pictures Jess took of their birthday party for Lauren and the clever idea of a restaurant. It looked like so much fun.

Jim even went to the party and handled the sitting pretty well but was very tired by the time we got home.

Mia saw me holding a camera and so she turned around and posed and gave me this picture. She knew exactly what was happening. She is a delightful little creature.

As the evening went on, she because fussy and kept putting her hands up to the sides of her ears. We could all tell that her ears were hurting her.  When it was time for her to play with her cake, she wasn't interested and she didn't want much to do with it.
Happy birthday to all the kiddos. You are all very special.


Mike and Adrianne said...

Sounds like it was a fun time. I'm sad Mia was sick and sad at her birthday party.

Jess Clark said...

It was fun to get together and actually see family again. The church building Gillian meets in is the same one Jen and I attended when we were first married.

Jen got to meet Chad Lanham at the party -- Jen and a few of the kids were sick during the family Christmas party in December so she missed the opportunity to meet him. So Gillian, this was a productive get-together!