Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel plans

Mike says I ought to put a post on here about my travel plans for his deployment.  I am really thankful for everyone that has offered to have us visit.  It makes me feel loved.  :)  For the time being, our plans are to stay here.  I have a lot of reasons but what it really comes down to is that I'm not as adventurous as some of you and I don't do well with fussy newborns.  Piper is definitely getting better but I am still very much trying to adjust to life with a newborn and for my sanity, I think I should stay put.  I wish I could be the kind of person that can just be spontaneous and throw caution to the wind and pick up and drive 10 hours by myself with the four kids.  The boys also want to fly to Maryland to go to the ocean and I would love that but that also creates more anxiety for me than I would like so I think we will skip that option as well.  The only time that we could really come anyway is this summer (before his deployment) when he is in Alabama because the boys will still be in school.  Logistically speaking, it just isn't practical to pick up our lives and move somewhere for months at a time.  They will adjust much better to Mike being gone if they are in their own familiar surroundings, with their teachers, their friends, their things, etc.

That said, we are going to Las Vegas for Spring Break and it is a 12 hour drive or something like that and with breaks and nursing it will end up being around 14.  So this will be a good practice run to see how the baby does on a long drive.  Maybe she will do great and then I won't be so stressed about driving anywhere with the kids by myself.  (Before you say, "She's a newborn--won't she just sleep the majority of the way?"  I'd like to say, "No.  She won't.  I don't have normal newborns.")

So, I want to say thank you all for extending your offers and sorry that I am such an uptight person.


chelsey said...

I don't think I'd want to uproot my kids either. I agree that staying put for stability is important, especially since they'll be making enough of an adjustment with Mike gone. You're a rock star mom and will manage better than most of us would anyway!

Jess Clark said...

Then I guess we'll have to make the drive out to you guys this summer.