Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Sad Happening

A few days ago I was in Provo for a doctor's appointment. I was going to go to Mom's work to take her out to lunch after the appointment. I had a while before I could take her from work, so I went to visit my cousin, Calvin Ashby and his wife, Leah.

They had just heard on the phone some very sad news. Their son from Logan, Utah, Kent Ashby, had called and said that their thirteen year old son was hurt and was going to die within a few hours. Calvin and Leah went to Logan soon. The boy died in the evening.

I was really sad about this. Calvin felt so bad. He actually wept some as he told me about it. Since I too have lost a wonderful grandchild I understood how he felt. I will never forget the time when I got a call from Chris while I was home teaching telling me that Liala had died.  It hurt to see Calvin and Leah hurting.

I tell you all this because these people are close relatives. Keep them in your prayers.

Dad Clark

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chelsey said...

Sorry for their loss. I hope they find some comfort through all of the grief.