Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Great Read

I just finished, a few days ago, reading the book The Death of the Grown-Up. It was written by Diana West. It took a dictionary to read it. There were about 200 words that I underlined in the book that I was not perfectly sure what they meant. That is out of 220 pages! West's writing was outstanding.  I will not bore you with  quotes, but there could be many. The content of the book was amazing.

Look at some of these words. These three come from two facing pages that I just saw randomly: roiling, preposterously, causu belli.  The next page had maniacally, inransigent, and saliently. Now I get the meaning often from context, or from past looking them up. But these are West's common fare. I love it. This was one of the most important books I have read in recent times.

Dad Clark

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The Duke said...

This book is definitely one all parents should read. There are some things in it I didn't want to read or hear about, but it was important. I only read part of it because I didn't have time to look up all the words. In short, adults have taken a back seat to teenagers and children who seem to now rule the roost. An important book that helps explain the upcoming generation and the fading role of parents.