Sunday, January 27, 2013

Something's gotten in to those boys

Apparently, this was a great week for the Clark boys. A sampling:

  1. Jason (and Michelle) successfully hosted the third NDAC indoor triathlon in Iowa City, IA. Apparently they had 64 participants and proceeds were donated to the Ronald MacDonald House. Quite an impressive effort and I think it actually sounds like a lot of fun (participating, not organizing!)
  2. Adam (and Amy) welcomed a new baby to their family yesterday. George William was the reason Amy was sporting a large belly. Congrats on the new addition!
  3. Lance was accepted to the first graduate school he interview at, University of Florida in Gainsville, FL. He has other interviews on the horizon but it's great news that he's been accepted.
  4. David's company, onomonoMEDIA, has been rockin' things these days. He actually got his first office space in DC this week and is doing some impressive stuff. I see that he has offices in DC, NYC, LA, Chicago, Manchester (UK), and Atlanta. I'm still waiting for him to say he needs me to open an office on Maui. 
That leaves Ammon and me. I'm not sure what Ammon's been up to (probably kissing the young ladies) but I've -- well, I don't think I've done anything noteworthy since the late 80's.


Nancy said...

Great family. Proud to be a Clark!

The Duke said...

Jess, you're forgetting that you are now a Federal employee, a promotion at work, a new house, new town and you have survived Austin. Now that's all pretty impressive as well.
I have to admit that I'm pretty impressed by all of you.

Jess Clark said...

Mother, none of those things happened this week! Actually, I did think of an accomplishment: I made bruschetta yesterday from a receipe in "Our Best Bites" that was really good. The main (topping) ingredient: tomatoes!!!!

The Duke said...

Jess, you were just ahead of the boys.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Bruschetta--yum! And congrats to all the boys.