Monday, March 05, 2012


We got the first preview of Laila's headstone.  I don't really like it.  I have to make some changes to it so I'm posting on here what I'm thinking and would like some feedback--though, I'd prefer honest but nice feedback if possible because this is kind of a big deal to me so if you absolutely hate it, then maybe just don't comment....In the end, I'll do what I feel best about but Mike isn't a lot of help because he doesn't really care about the headstone.  So, I need some feedback from someone.

It won't be exactly like this because the fonts and colors will be different but this is probably what I want it to say.  I just highlighted some of it so you could read it better but it won't look that way.  What I want to know is if it's too much wording, (I like minimal stuff) or if it just doesn't flow well.  

I am a Child of God
Laila Faith Richards
and He has sent me here
May 2, 2011
Has given me an earthly home, 
with a family kind and dear.
Celestial glory now is mine, 
because I have endured.
July 24, 2011

I'd also like a butterfly on it because our family had a family home evening on butterflies and how they work so hard to get out of their chrysalis and how all that effort makes their wings strong, etc.  It seems appropriate now that Laila is gone.  Only, she's the butterfly but we are the ones working to get out of the chrysalis, it seems.


Jess and Jen said...

I think it is great. I love the butterfly! -Jen

The Duke said...

I like it, too. Go for it.

Gillian Mohlman said...

I love this. I have always loved this saying. I think its great and would be perfect for her headstone.

Michelle said...

I like it and feel that having a butterfly would be nice on there for the reasons you stated.

chelsey said...

Sounds great! Hope it all gets done just how you want it to!