Sunday, March 04, 2012

Much Ado About Everything

Tonight we went over to the hospital to visit with Kevin and Gillian. Jim was able to go in and see her for the first time but Ammon wasn't allowed in. He can't wait until a few more days pass when he can visit her at her home. It looks like they will be headed home tomorrow. They removed her IV while I was there. This little girl is a fighter, believe me! And that's a good sign. She wasn't happy with them when they removed the tape. Gillian said she now weighs 7 lb 6 oz. She is now eating well and pooping which she wasn't doing well with either a couple of days ago. She looks healthy and Gillian is nearly giddy with excitement to get that baby home.

On another note -- yesterday was a very long, hard day for us because we worked all day long in the basement, getting it put together, emptying tons of boxes of books, putting them on the shelves of our new bookcases which we really like. They look nice where we put them. I vaccumed downstairs, swept floors, did laundry and made a million trips up and down the stairs.

About noon, a medical company showed up with a hospital bed for Ammon so I had to move a lot of his stuff out and around to make room for the bed. It is a nice one and I'm so grateful we finally have one that we can raise and lower. Ammon is excited to be able to raise his head so he can watch TV better.

Kaitlin had come home for the weekend. I don't know how we would have gotten everything done we did without her help. She helped moved Ammon's old bed downstairs and she took all the empty boxes outside for us. We moved all Ammon's games and toys downstairs and she helped lug it all.

Later in the afternoon, she and I went shopping and bought some drapery for the windows downstairs and I got a very large wicker basket to hold all of Ammon's stuffed toys that we have kept if grandchildren want to play with them. As soon as I get the curtains hung, I will post pictures. It looks nice although we don't have any furniture down there yet. There will still be items to paint, pictures to hang and I want to have somebody (Jess?) come and teach me how to tile that ugly fireplace. That would be cool to do.

We have moved all our photos and scrapbooking stuff into Gillian's old bedroom as a craft room (including my sewing machine). Next Saturday is the big day -- the day we move the "office" stuff and computer downstairs to get it out of our bedroom. I'm really getting excited about decorating the house and making it look nicer. The upstairs is in dire need of paint and fix-up. That will be next. I think you will all like the downstairs. It's now a cozy place to be. (Thanks to Adam and Amy.)

By night's end, my knee wanted to scream at me - in fact, it screamed all night long. But we got a lot of work done and the scream was worth it.


Jess and Jen said...

How exciting on many fronts for everyone. Glad to hear Mia goes home today and that the basement is coming along nicely! -Jess

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear your knee was hurting so much. Did you happen to ice it? Glad to hear Mia is on her way home.