Monday, December 05, 2011

hans birthday

we all missed hans birthday! so happy late bday hans, I know it was Dec. 3rd and I hope it was the best day ever!

unfortunately I was sleeping most of the day (feeling sick) and didn't have a chance to blog a happy birthday, but I didn't forget! what did you guys do for your birthday? how old are you now?


Lokodi said...

thanks Gilly, no worries, I need to come out and visit our family in utah again. I just keep putting off going back to the states. we went out to dinner, twas nice. feel better,


The Duke said...

Hi Hans,
I felt like a jerk because I forgot your birthday. I wish Lindsey had posted something that day because it's a good reminder. I'm horrible at remembering birthdays and so I profusely apologize!
I hope you did have a nice day and hope that Lindsey and kiddos spoiled you somewhat.
We would love to have you come back here so we could get re-acquainted. It's been a long time since we've seen you. I miss your great sense of humor! And I miss listening to you sing when you wash pots and pans! :)
Happy late birthday.

chelsey said...

Believe it or not, I actually remembered it was your bday, Hans! Unfortunately, it was around 6pm my time. I didn't think you'd appreciate a call in the middle of the night wishing you happy bday.
So, here's my belated bday wish! Hope it was a great one! Did you get out to do anything fun or have Lindsey cook your favorite meal?

Lokodi said...

Thanks guys. Funny the little things we remember like singing while doing dishes. If I had to guess, these are the things we would see if our life "flashes before our eyes" - probably what will remain with us to eternal life. Therefore they must be the most important parts of life. Then there is the rub: must try and spend the rest of your (my) life over relatives' houses doing the dishes and serenading them! Happiness is so simple sometimes.
Lindsey and I went out to dinner, without the kids, it had been awhile, so it was fun and much needed.