Monday, December 05, 2011

mommys battle wounds!

you all need to step it up and go see mom. ;) shes bored and needs visitors. here is a picture of her battle wound as of today: 

her knee is still pretty swollen, but it looks MUCH better than it did. 

seriously though, if you can make it down there to see her, I know it would really cheer her up. Go play boggle with her or wrap your presents at her house or something. She just needs some visitors! 

I For one am glad she is getting better. I think she is still struggling to find the right mix of pain medication to keep her comfortable and let her have an appetite and sleep, so I know thats been hard. She was walking with a cane today though, and looking GREAT! you go super woman! 


Tana said...

Wish we could visit. Im sure Dave would cook you something very good...he made the best chicken dumpling soup from scratch when I had strep. Your incision is looking great. Just keep that poor leg elevated when your resting.

Mike and Adrianne said...

We should be there to visit soon!

chelsey said...

Yes, feeling VERY guilty I haven't made it down there still! Maybe Thurs morn between 10 and 11:30? That's all the time I have in the mornings these days. Plus, we've all been sick, so we don't want to bring that to you!

Are we gonna do any kind of xmas party this month?

LanceandNance said...

Love you Mommy. Hope PT goes well this week.

Lokodi said...

this looks like the right time for pain meds, lots of good movies or books and neverending supply of ice cream and that chicken dumpling soup tana refers to, mmm mmm.


The Duke said...

Send me some soup, Tana! Bring me over some books - anybody. Gillian lent me a few - I read one and enjoyed it but couldn't get into the other ones. Until this week, it's been hard to keep my mind clear enough to stay awake when reading. I'm now ready for that.
Jim took me to lunch today and it was really nice to get out. David called him yesterday and told him that Red Robbin was giving away hamburgers to anybody who's name was Jim. So we went and he got a free hamburger and fries. I got a yummy salad. It was my first outing.
It's so cold outside that it didn't help the stiffness of the knee but, hey, I was outside and the sun was shining! Yay!
Thanks for the heads-up Dave - thanks for the date, Jim.