Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Ever Clark Halloween Party Part 1

We had our first official Clark Halloween party last night. Everybody came up and we had a good time together.
The scariest costumes of the night were the ones Jess and Jen wore.

Geoff was one of the Blues Brothers

Jake was a Ninja.

Sarah was Sherlock Holmes. (Love her hat and jacket!)

Kaitlin was a peacock. This isn't a great picture, but she made the skirt and did some fancy hair and make-up. Clever!

Grandpa -- well, he didn't dress up but he did play the part of a witch (or warlock) stirring up some good brew. The kids loved the homemade rootbeer and loved watching the ice and smoke (or whatever you call it).

This is the cutest little dragon I've ever seen. Austin really scooted across the lawn in his glory.

Let's see - Gracie was a cupcake with frog boots (her choice), Ella was a lady bug, Henry was a motorcycle racer, Leah was a fairy full of color and glee, Lauren was Lola from Hannah Montana (looked exactly like her by the way), Austin was a dragon, and Abby was a princess (looked like Tangled but not sure I have the right princess here).

This is part 1. Here comes another bunch.


Michelle said...

Seeing these pictures make me really wish we lived closer. Looks like everyone had such a fun time. Great costumes to all. Hard to pick a favorite.

The Duke said...

Michelle, I kept wishing you were here. You do such great costumes and I am absolutely hopeless in that area. I have no creativity. I need you here by next year! What do you say?! Good idea. You come, we'll throw a huge party in your honor.

chelsey said...

Jess and Jen certainly surprised us by even putting the reds ON! They definitely won, and gave us all a good laugh.

Jess and Jen said...

We had a great time on Saturday and are hoping this turns into an annual event! Don't worry...we won't come as Ute fans next year, wearing those colors once was painful enough! -Jen

The Duke said...

I'm all for an annual event. I sent your Ute picture to a vendor I work with. She wrote back and said, "Did they break out in hives?" Funny.

Dave and Tana said...

Love all of these cute kiddos!