Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Activities Part 2

Saturday events actually started when Jess and family came up early so Jess and Adam could disassemble our old swamp cooler and close in the hole. We had noticed some leaking from that area last winter. They took the cooler apart and got it off the roof and then filled in the hole, did tar paper and shingles to finish off the job. We are so grateful to have that job complete and we express our thanks to the guys. Adam for his help and Jess for his expertise and direction.

The photos below are all out of order. We had a contest between adults to see who could eat their donut from a string without using hands. The little kids had their own contest.

I believe this Detroit punkster, Kevin came in second. He's eyeing his competition.

We had a pie eating contest. Brent and Chelsey were way too dainty. (They didn't win.)

Adam won but wasn't nearly as messy as Jess.

Some of the women had half pies - Amy won that competition.

Jess won for the messiest mess on the face of the earth. He doesn't even like pumpkin pie so he was a good sport for trying and not throwing up his peas all over the table.

Like father like daughter! Abby was one messy girl.

Here are all the little kids lined up to start their competition. You can't see Geoff in this picture but he's there. He's so there he won the competition. I think that Ella only got hers licked. I don't think she got any bites until we let them take them off the string.

Jen won the adult competition. She was awesome!!!

Here's the old gang all lined up ready to go.

Jess and Jen came up with a bowling activity. They carved holes in small round pumpkins for the balls.

These toilet paper ghosts were the pins. I believe Abby was the only one to get a strike (more than once). it was a very clever idea. And the pumpkins rolled really well, too.

Gillian was a nurse and Ammon was a member of the Blue Man Group.

And we definitely can't leave out the cute little penguin, Sam.

We had a great time together. I loved all the costumes. We ate chili, soup and salad and then got sick from all the sweets at the end. Thanks to all for participating. I had a great time!


Seth and Natalie said...

This is fun! I cannot ever imagine Steve hosting a halloween party at his house. The only kind of party he has are work parties. I like everyone's costume, Rylee is especially appreciative of Laren's.

chelsey said...

It was certainly fun! Thanks for the idea Katy!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Looks like everyone had a great time.

Aurora said...

My English is basic, but even with all i am your blogs a greeting