Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Richard Paul Evans

Last Friday I went to a book singing of the new book Michael Vey, the Prisoner of Cell 25. It was published and released Friday by Simon and Schuster/Mercury Ink. Mercury Ink is the new publishing company of Glen Beck. Richard Paul Evans is the author. He wrote the famous book The Christmas Box and many others. He is a personal friend of Glen Beck's.

I bought a book, a first edition, and had it signed and dedicated: To the Clarks and the Teicherts, Richard Paul Evans. I did it this way since I intend to send the book to Julie Teichert after we at home all read it. She mentioned while we were there that she listens to Glen Beck on the radio and heard about some new books that were available. I am sending the book to her as an appreciation of the Teichert's hospitality when we visited.

What is really funny and very coincidental is this: The main character in the book, Michael Vey, has Tourette's syndrome, as does Mr. Evans himself. So does Chris and some of you. Another main charactor in the book was named Taylor and is depicted as a very nice and very beautiful young woman. Julie's nice and beautiful daughter is named Taylor. The book is also set in Idaho, as are the Teicherts.

I have read the book all through. (I have done a lot of reading since my beautiful wife is not home to talk to right now.) and found it to be very exciting and worthwhile. It is designed for high schoo students, which the main characters are. But adults and parents are driving the market and finding the book very good. It is on best seller lists right now. Most stores have back orders already.

You may enjoy reading books by Brad Thor also. I have read one of his and it was great. He also has a new one out, but I cannot remember the name of it just now.

Good reading and good luck to you all.

Dad Clark

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Mike and Adrianne said...

I heard Glen Beck talk about this book a few weeks ago. I'll have to check it out.