Wednesday, August 17, 2011


A good friend of mine sent me a scrapbook of pictures of Laila she took off my facebook account. There are quite a few blank pages. I thought it might be a good idea to put pictures of the funeral in there. I didn't take any pictures the entire day because it just seemed wrong to me to take pictures at my baby's funeral. But, I'm glad others took pictures. I'm not sure how I feel to be honest. It just seems so horrible to me still to think that I buried my daughter. On the one hand, I don't really know if I want to see pictures of us at her funeral and on the other, I think I want them. Anyway, if anyone that took pictures could send them on to me, I'll try and decide if I actually DO want them in the scrapbook or not. Thanks.


The Duke said...

I have some beautiful pictures that I can bring with me. What size do you want printed off?

chelsey said...

I didn't take a single photo that whole week. Crazy, but I didn't. Sorry about that!