Monday, August 15, 2011


Ok, first of all, this is not to make fun of our Father, whom we love dearly. However, it is maybe the funniest thing he's ever done...

So you know how Dad's tone can be when he's calling around the house for someone (very loud)? Well, tonight dad was yelling around the house for Kaitlin...who was not inside the house. When he figured that out, he opened the back door and yelled, "Kaitlin, where's the KY Jelly?!" in a classic Jim Clark volume. WOW. Awesome.

Ok, now for clarification for those who are confused...We use the KY Jelly for medical purposes with Ammon. I am sure Mom and Dad have some interesting stories about buying that too.

Classic, classic, classic.

We love you dad.



Jess and Jen said...

Poor Bishop Coates. -Jess

Jason said...

Poor Kaitlin.

Papa Doc said...

It is just that I do not know of any other uses of the material and why this should even be funny. Ask Mom, she will tell you.

I have wondered why we get so many funny looks when we ask the pharmacy where we can get six tubes of KY jelly. It is really intense. (That was a joke.)

Dad Clark

chelsey said...

ah man. No words, really.