Monday, August 15, 2011

just a boring post

i'm bored so I thought I would blog on here for a second.

We just got back from our Mohlman Family Reunion. It was pretty fun! We went to Heber and stayed in this big house. We did a devotional each night and a talent show, and bingo. We did a family history tour since tons of the Mohlmans are buried in Midway. We had really good food. We made tie dye shirts and wore them for our family pics. It ended up being really fun. I really enjoyed my time. I only threw up twice while there, so that was good too. Haha. We also had a testimony meeting the last night and the spirit was really really strong.

Kevin is workin his butt off at work. His work hit some sales records these last two months. Last month, they made like 30 million or something, and so they gave all their employees (all 700 of them) 25$ gift certificates to itunes. this month, they beat last months record, so they gave all the employees $25 gift certificates to the university mall. Next month is the month everyone gets their bonus. I'm super excited about that, because we are dirt poor right now. Any extra money from his job helps. I don't work much because I have been really sick. I am thinking I need to ask for a blessing that I can have the strength to work through this because I am not making any money. I literally lay in bed all day long every day. It's really hard but at the same time I know that its a good sign that I am sick. My doctor said that usually when you are sick, that is a good sign of the baby growing really strong and healthy. So, I'm counting my lucky stars that I havent mis-carried yet and that my baby is still growing!

We are looking to buy a second car. We have to. All we have now is the subaru and the scooter, but its going to start getting cold soon and we need to get another car. I don't know how we will ever afford it. We have enough money in our savings to get one but I worry about using our savings because Kevin doesnt have insurance so we need to make sure we have money incase something happens to him. His insurance with his work doesnt kick in for about another month. So, if you see any deals on a car, let us know. We are thinking of maybe re-financing our car loan right now like mom and dad did to help us get another car. I really don't want to get a piece of junk because 1- im terrified to drive in the snow and 2-im terrified of driving a piece of crap car that I can't rely on. The car is really something I don't want to go junky on. But, I am thinking we can maybe find a nicer car for around $3000? I don't know. We will see.

What is everyone else up to lately? How was Abby's baptism? Chels, hows the house coming along? I haven't heard from anyone in a little bit. Update me on your life.


Lokodi said...

Gilly, here's an update on my life: Unmotivated to accomplish anything. Has an entire house that desperately needs to be organized, but this girl just doesn't seem to care right now. Kids are doing well. Both in German Kindergarten now until 12 every day. Miss the little man when he's at school. Not used to him being gone.
Hans is normal. Still doesn't talk much and when he does, it's quiet. Doesn't like to share anything. Working on that one...

Gilly, go to work while you can. Even though you're sick, go. It will suck for a while, but the sickness tends to not be as bad when you keep your mind and body busy with work. When you're at home all day (even though you're really sick throwing up) your mind has no where to think but on your sickness. Trust me. I remember having to run to the little kids bathroom in the kindergarten class that I worked at. I would throw up real fast, then get back to work. It helped time go by and I was earning money at the same time. :) Good luck!


Mike and Adrianne said...

The reunion sounds fun! I'm glad you got to go.

I'm sorry about being sick. I remember working while sick with Will. Pretty miserable. Hang in there, it will get better...

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

Are you in Utah? My husband might know of a car for sale if you are... Feel free to contact me at