Sunday, April 13, 2008

Grand Champions!

Kaitlin will put more information on her blog (and this one) when she gets home tomorrow night. As you all know, Kaitlin went to Branson, MO to compete in a national show choir competition - as did Gillian and Lance in previous years. Kaitlin is in the all-girls show choir (all sophomores) called "Premier". They had to compete against all the mixed choirs and did very well. They were 4th runners up. Spanish Fork Ambassadors won the competition, being the Grand Champions! It has taken Mr. Lunt, the director, seven years to take the top spot, but they did it this year. Lance's choir was 2nd and Gillian's group was 2nd.
It's quite an honor even to be invited to participate in this particular competition. There were 13 schools invited this year. A group from Plainfield, Indiana came in as 1st runner up and the LDS group, "Light" from Arizona were 2nd runners up.
Kaitlin will have to give you the information about all the different awards they received, but I have seen a photo of the trophy -- it's nearly as tall as Kaitlin.
This is a fitting end for Mr. Lunt's stint with Spanish Fork High. Next year he will be teaching at the charter school, American Liberty Academy close by where Gillian attends school. There will not be a show choir at Salem Hills High School next year, but Kaitlin has made it through the first cut for the new teacher and his various choirs.
The group will be putting on a religious fireside tonight somewhere in Kansas before catching their flights back home tomorrow. Kaitlin will be arriving at 5:20 p.m. Jess will pick her up and then we will get her from their place tomorrow. (Thank you very much, Jess!)
We sure are proud of the hard work she (and all the kids) put into this show. I hope she made some new friends and had a great experience.


chelsey said...

Congratulations Katy! It sounds like a well deserved award. Hope you get home safe!

Jess and Jen said...

What a great trip for Katy. Superstar! I'm excited to pick her up from the airport to hear about her trip. We're all excited to have mom, dad, Ammon, and Katy at our house to play Wii for FHE tonight! -Jess

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Chris and I both prayed sincerly that Kaitlin would be healthty and that she and the others would so the best they knew how. Looks like our prayers were answered and that the kids had a great experience.

What an opportunity! When I was a sophomore in high school I went to Kansas City to the FFA National Meats Judging contest. Our team almost won the whole thing. We got a gold metal, and were I think, third in the nation, with almost every state competing. I personally got a national gold metal, also. So I know what fun it must have been for Kaitlin and last year for Gillian.

Dad Clark