Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pictures from London

Picture descriptions:

I am fascinated with mini cars. Here was the first one I spotted. So cute!

Jason and I in front of the Pampered Chef tour bus, this is the bus that picked us up from the airport and then the same bus took us for a London City tour that afternoon. We were so tired that day since we had been up all night long and then it was daytime when we got to London. The time change was hard on us, but we did well.

I climbed up on this huge Lion Statue at the National Gallery. I thought it would be easy to get up there on that Lion since there were literally hundreds of children everywhere climbing up on him getting their pictures done so I tried to climb up. Not only did I have to get a boost up there, but then I barely got my leg over the hip of the lion and was scared to death to move forward to his waist so I stayed there. Jason was laughing at me.

At Stonehenge at Salisbury, England. It was super cold that day, wishing I had my winter coat. The wind was blowing bad, but it was nice and sunny and absolutely gorgeous. That same day we visited Amesbury, Castle Combe, Lacock, and Bath. In Castle Combe a movie was being filmed. It is a remake of the "Wolfman" with Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Torres.

The Tower bridge. This is one of my favorite pictures, one that I will have printed and put in our London frame.

Jason sitting in one of the rocks at Amesbury. This particular rock was called "Devil's Chair"

Look how the mini car parked. Too funny. This picture was taken on Portabello Rd. The famous Rd. from the Disney movie "Bedknobs and Broomsticks". Portabello Rd. to this day is still a market place, no singing and dancing took place like in the movie, but lots and lots of markets were there, it was a very fun place to shop. I found some antique toy soldiers for the boys and other fun stuff.

On the set of the "Wolfman" movie in Castle Combe, England. Too bad Anthony Hopkins wasn't there that day.


chelsey said...

Awesome! The pictures look great! I would love to get to Stonehedge someday! Did you feed the birds there in Trafalgar Square or get to Westminster Abbey? I'm sure the trip was a blast, but I'm also sure the kids are glad you're home!!

Michelle Clark said...

They don't let you feed the birds anymore in Trafalgar Square. Jason went to Westminster Abby, I did not. It cost 10 pounds to get into the Abby, which is over $20 US so I decided to go to Harrods (somewhere Jason didn't want to go) and spend money there. I wasn't interested in seeing an indoor cemetary. I know it's more than that, but we had already spent 33 pounds (over $66.) to get into the Tower of London the day before. That place was amazing and I have tons of pictures from that. I learned more in the Tower of London than I did in my entire history class in high school.

Mike and Adrianne said...

I'm jealous. I would love just to go ANYWHERE with Mike. Someone has to convince him that it's a good idea because I obviously haven't done it yet.

Did you get your water problem fixed?

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Before Christmas, I told Jim I knew what I wanted for Christmas -- I want a Smart Car! I fell in love with them in Germany and have wanted one ever since. I have actually seen one of them here in Provo. I'm not making enough money right now to get ahead on the new raise I got due to the increase in gas prices so I need to do something that will save some gas money -- a Smart Car is just the thing! However, I'm probably too big to even get into one of them.
Looks like you have had a wonderful trip!
Mom C.

Michelle Clark said...

What water problem???????

Jess and Jen said...

Was Caleb just pulling our leg when he was saying there was a leak in the water line?

Michelle Clark said...

We have a leak in a pipe in the basement, but it's not a big deal, at least hoping it doesn't become a big deal. How does everyone know about this?

Jess and Jen said...

Caleb told us about it as he commented on the "New Blog" post a few posts below this one.

Michelle Clark said...

I just went and read Caleb's posts. he sounds all grown up. Wow he made it sound horrible. I guess it's not that great down there, I have a fan on it in two spots on the wall to dry the wall that seperates the furnace room from the main basement room. It is leaking pretty bad, I haven't a clue how to fix it, Jason called a plumber, but he can't be here till tomorrow. I don't know anyone in the ward that knows anything about plumbing, but I'm going to make a few calls and see if I can find someone since the service call for the plumber coming tomorrow is charging $68 just to look.

Jess and Jen said...

My first thought when I read it was just like yours: "Wow, he sounds so grown up." Good luck with the leak.

-A said...


A Benicio del Toro fan here!

I found your family blog today, while searching the net for coverage about the filming of 'The Wolfman' in Castle Combe and Lacock... The thing is though, the set photograph is not enlargeable, another one of the photos shows up, when clicking on this one...

And I have a question: Would you be willing to provide this particular photograph for our website: (It would go to the Latest News section there.). Of course, you would get fully credited and acknowledged, in whatever form you'd like (For example with name, link to your blog,...)

Looking forward to your response...

Greetings from Switzerland

A. P.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Hey, your pictures are great. I hope you respond to the man who made the comment about the blog site. That is cool.

So did you solve any of the mysteries of Stoneheadge?

How about going to Lestershire and looking for the Ashbys? Are you getting out into any other parts of England?

Dad Clark

Jason said...

We didn't make it to Leistershire - maybe next time. However, we do have a rather obsure branch of our family (Grandma Clark's side) from Castle Combe nearly 1000 years ago. I unfortunately didn't know that until after we returned home.

We have already emailed the person (or whoever it is that gets email for their website) who is looking for pictures from Lacock and Castle Combe. We've got lots pictures and they are welcome to them.

L said...

Greetings to your both from Australia. I, too, would like to thank you for your recent Lacock & Castle Combe Set photos.
I too, will credit you with your photo.
Many thanks and enjoy the rest of your Holiday.

-A said...

Hi, it's me again... :-)

Your email, you sent to our Benicio del Toro website, for some reason didn't come through...

You can reach me anytime at though...

And I want to say: Thank you! It's much appreciated!


A. P.

L said...

I wish to thank you for your resent photo of the set at Lacock and Combe Castle. I have credited you on the Benicio's Place message board. Any photos you might let us use on our message board would be much appreciated. If you would kindly contact me at
Many thanks in advance.
Happy journey's