Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beauty School Adventures

My New face.. sometimes beauty school gets really boring...

Dying a guy from work's hair. It turned out way good. Right here the color is still processing.

I did her hair and makeup. The theme for her was "jungle".
She did my hair and makeup.. kinda weird.

Every week we have a
"style of the week" and we have to do it on either a manakin or one of the other girls there so we all did it on eachother and did crazy makeup on eachother. Anyway, I am getting very good at men's hair cuts and highlighting. Those two are my favorite things to do. Dad wont let me cut his hair.. and I don't understand why not. He says its a "cultural experiance to go to the barber shop". So Maybe someday when I am famous and doing celebs hair, he will let me touch his. Haha.


Team Clark said...

Hey Gillian -
It actually CAN happen! I was talking to one of my friend's moms the other day and she said that he lives down in LA now and he is a fancy shmancy hair stylist and he's done hair for a few stars like Julia Roberts. When I told her I wanted him to do my hair she said that he charges $125, which I guess is nothing compared to Nick Arrojo (you know I love him) who charges $500. But I told her that maybe he'd take $100 off my price since I'm an old friend and all... :)
Anyways, the point is that you just never know - you very well could end up doing hair for famous people some day!

Jess and Jen said...

I would agree with Dad that a barbershop is a "cultural experience". I would not say that going to Great Clips is a cultural experience I would want to repeat often, but a good old fashioned barbershop is a great place.

As it is now, I'm too cheap to visit those places and cut my own hair. I spend $30 every 5-6 years on clippers and make do.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Mike used to have me do his hair but then he got in the Air Force and I think he is afraid I'll mess it up and someone will say something about his hair. We do the boys hair though. I need a hair cut! I haven't gotten my hair cut since I went to Utah.

Jess and Jen said...

How can you mess up a military hair cut?! Send Mike out here...I'll cut his hair for free.

Jillywilly said...

Hey I never said I wouldn't cut family hair for free.. you will only have to pay if you come into the salon. Its good to come into the salon because they will check my hair cuts for any mistakes and be there to help me if I need it. As soon as I am finised with school though, I will do everyone's hair for free in the family!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I should take Gillian with me to the barber, and she would understand. I went to school with Larry Christensen, and we have a great talk everytime I go in. Then there are all the other men there, too. So it is terrific. Just takes a little more time since I do not make appointments. The waiting is the fun part.

Dad Clark