Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The blog has been kind of slow this week so I thought I'd post some stuff.

Last night something creepy and a little worrisome happened when we put Will to bed. Will has been scared the last few months and will wake up crying. We have told him that if he gets scared he should pray and Jesus would come and be with him and make him feel peaceful. He seemed to kind of understand that because there have been times when he'd say, "I not be scared. Jesus make me feel good inside." Well, last night he said, "I not be scared. When I get scared Jesus will come and I will poke him and make him yucky and kill him." Needless to say we were shocked. Mike of course told him that Jesus was good and that we shouldn't kill anyone and that it makes Jesus very sad to hear Will say that. I'm not sure where Will learned that. We have only ever talked about Jesus in a positive manner and we only ever talk about killing when it comes to bugs. Anyway, I'm not really sure why he said that and other than telling him he shouldn't talk that way, we aren't really sure what to do about this new development.

In other news, Mike is going to California next week for a few days. They asked him to go to Missouri for a few days this week and he told them no. Good husband. He loves us. It has been such a nice week as far as weather goes. Yesterday it was in the 60's so I took the boys to the zoo. We took lunches and played at the playground at the zoo and then walked around for awhile. It was so nice! All the animals were outside this time. It was so nice being outside and getting some exercise--exercise really does give a natural high and produce endorphines. Everyone needs to go get some exercise! Of course walking at the zoo isn't really an intense workout but exercise none the less.

I'm feeling really well so far this pregnancy. I still have all the normal pregnancy aches and not sleeping well but I feel good. I have about three and a half months left if the baby comes when it's due so I am just starting the really uncomfortable stage but I am hoping that exercising will make the aches and pains better. We still can't think of a name. Mike really likes James, Johnathan, Joshua. I like them fine but don't know that they really fit. I am twenty pounds less than I was when I had Isaac and there is no way I'm gaining twenty pounds in three months so that's good.

Finally, we have been changing a lot in Primary. The last presidency was better at certain things but there were a lot of things that they just didn't care about that I think were pretty important things. There have been days when four of our five teachers haven't shown up to teach and we also had to cover the nursery too. So we've been getting new teachers that we feel will be more dedicated to their classes. We've made other changes too but nursery has been a continual problem. No one in our ward will accept the calling. The bishopric called to pregnant ladies to the nursery and I told them it was a bad idea and that they should be prepared to have both ladies ask to be released after a few months. They called the ladies anyway saying it was a perfect place for them and sure enough, within a few months, both ladies asked to be released saying they don't want their new baby down with all the little kids. One of the ladies is having her baby in three weeks. She asked to be released about six months ago. I told the bishopric four months ago that we needed someone down there to replace her when her baby came and they have done nothing about it. Mike reminded them again a few weeks ago and they said they needed to think about it more. So this past week they came up with a solution--all the kids have to be taken back to their parents. There are four kids in nursery right now--my two children and two girls that belong to the two ladies that were in nursery and asked to be released. So Mike and I are screwed. We will now have bishopric and primary responsibilities and three kids to take care of. Needless to say, I am not feeling very warmly towards the bishopric and poor Mike gets the brunt of it. Stupid men.

Anyway, other than that, we are doing great. How is everyone else today?


Jess and Jen said...

I wouldn't worry about Will's comment. I remember Abby saying something once about Jesus that he was scary or she didn't like him or something like that. If you look at it from a 3 year olds point of view it's kind of scary that we're asking for help from this person that he thinks he doesn't know at all and has never met. Abby quickly got over it and went back to thinking lots of good things about Jesus again. I'm sure Will will do the same thing too!


Jess and Jen said...

So...I just realized that Will is 2 not 3, but it still applies. Also, I can't wait to hear how you do the Primary President thing with two kids not in nursery (and 3 when the baby comes!) Good luck!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Will is almost 3-in March-so close enough. Yeah, I can't wait to see how I do it all either.

Jason said...


I know you are just venting but I probably wouldn't call your bishop stupid - he was called by the Lord. I know how frustrating and difficult it is to deal with young children while trying to juggle active callings. I know what it is like to need help with children at church and not get it but I also know that it can be done. Having a nursery is certainly going to make it more difficlt but all will turn out for the best. If we lived in your ward, you could leave your boys with us. Good luck and try to see things from the bishop's point of view. Keeping the nursery staffed is nearly an impossible job - especially in smaller wards. Our prayers are with you guys.

Lokodi said...

I definately know exactly what you're going thru. First of all, I was called into nursery when I was five months pregnant with Eva and I had to ask to be released two weeks before I had her! I couldn't even bend over at that point to pick up the toys. I felt useless. Not to mention I was brand new in the ward and didn't know anyone, so not such a good calling to get to know anyone but 2 year olds! Why on earth do they put pregnant women in the nursery. They are the ones that need a break from small children before they are about to have their own!!!

Second, I have to do both senior and Junior primary singing time as well as do singing time for nursery in between the other two and I've got eva running around like a mad,crazy girl the entire time which causes great distractions for all the kids in the room because they think it's hilarious. Well, I asked the bishop to be released before this new baby comes in six weeks because eva won't be old enough to be in nursery when he's born. well, the bishop said no. he said someone would take care of my children for me...ha ha ha. that's a big joke! So, I'm very sorry Adrianne that you are dealing with the same things.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Well, the Bishop might not be stupid, (Adrianne and Jason) but he might need a little encouragement. Is Mike one of his couselors? Do I have that right?

You might just go give the kids to his wife one Sunday and ask her to help you with them. There is nothing like a wife to help a man understand things a little better.

Dad Clark