Friday, January 11, 2008

Check this out

I found this online. Maybe you have all heard it already. I just thought it was interesting to read all their responses. Of course they all pretty much say the same thing, but still interesting.


Jess and Jen said...

I feel like this is an interesting question, and I'm not sure how I'd answer personally. It's true that we've had some good presidents who were not "model" moral citizens, and bad presidents who were "model" moral citizens.

I do get frustrated when some paint the fidelity picture as the most important in their politicians. What's worse (in regards to the greatest good for the greatest # of people): infidelity or corporate scandal? Of course infidelity says something about someone's character (or that they didn't use their internet porn filter!), but there is a lot of evil done outside bedroom walls. --Jess

Jason said...

I happen to think that Truman is right. Who we are publically stems from who we are privately. Not fully but as mentioned in the article, when it comes down to crunch time (this is from Biden's comment) the real us will appear. I think Biden is the only one who actually said what I think. I am disappointed at Romney's hemming and hawing. He needs to grow a backbone and stand up for what he believes. Every week he partakes of the sacrament and promises to stand as a witness of Christ. Here he sounds like he is more concerned with what others will think if he takes the correct moral stand than what the Lord will think. Shame on him.

This question is exactly the same as asking whether you will or will not vote for someone based on their stand on abortion. There is not much that irritates me more than someone who will not make a stand one way or the other. Fence sitting is cowardly. I had an English professor at ISU that I completely disagreed with on nearly every moral issue but because he was willing to take a stand (and back it up), I respected him. He was actually my favorite professor. I would go up to his office and we would discuss controverial issues for hours on end.

The moral of this story is: TAKE A STAND AND STOP TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYONE. You will get more votes that way.