Friday, November 30, 2007

Who's on First?

The key phrase in the last post was this:
"...this year everyone has the person just younger than them."
So, without further ado, here's the actual list (example: Jason>Adam = Jason's family gives to Adam's family) :
  • Jason>Adam
  • Adam>Chelsey
  • Chelsey>Jess
  • Jess>Adrianne
  • Adrianne>Lindsey
  • Lindsey>Lance
  • Lance>Dave
  • Dave>Gillian
  • Gillian>Kaitlin
  • Kaitlin>Ammon
  • Ammon>Jason
Next year...well, we'll approach that when the time comes. Comment starter: What is the cap on gifts ($$)?


chelsey said...

It seems the cap has been $20-25 in the past. Is that still right?

Michelle Clark said...

That's what we remember also.