Saturday, November 03, 2007

Any takers?

I am going through my closet and getting rid of clothes. I am wondering if anyone wants any of these. I doubt many of you will fit into them because you are all skinnier than me but if you do want them, post it on here or email me. Here are pictures and the sizes. Also, if you want the socks you can have them but that is kind of weird. If any of them are yours and you want them back, let me know. I can't keep track of them all. If I am giving up clothes that you gave me and are offended by me giving them up, I'm sorry.
Description: First picture--black shirt size small. For a smaller torso or just put a shirt under it. White shirt size small. Flower shirt size 2! Zipper down the side American Eagle brand. Very cute. Second picture--Dress is a size 10. I only wore it a few times because it hit me at a funny place on my legs but if you have nice legs, it is an awesome dress. The black shirt is an 11/13 in Juniors. I don't know what that equals in a women's size. White shirt is also in juniors size 15. I wore it when I was pregnant and right after but you could wear it however. Bottom white shirt is a size medium. American Eagle brand. I got it from Lindsey adn wore it quite a lot. Picture of the sweaters--everything is medium except the first brown sweater. It says an xl but it isn't. It's a large. The pink sweater is from Gap the large brown sweater is from Old Navy. The jeans are Old Navy and Gap. They are from my sister in law and are awesome pants. I just never fit in them very well (the thigh thing). They are both a size 12 but I have other size 10 pants that fit much better so I think they run small for a size 12.

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chelsey said...

I'll take the sweaters if no one else wants them! I think I'd have the same problems with the jeans. We all inherited those thighs!