Friday, November 02, 2007


So two beauties present themselves. I especially like the one in the long hair. At least she is happy.
Within the year Gillian had been to Lassen Nat. Park and had sunburned her face. She sure is happier than on December 2 of the year previous.
Then there is the picture that should have told us that she was destined to go to hair school. She needed a little help that day.
Look at three in one! Two beauties and a beast. At least that is what Chelsey said. I have no idea where they are standing. Anyone know?
Dad Clark


chelsey said...

The photo of Gillian, Brent, and Sarah is at temple square on the day Jess and Jen got married.

Katy Bug! said...

I remember when that picture was taken. Yeah Jill was totaly destined for beauty school... remember Chelsey, Lindsey, and Adrianne? She was already cutting your hair at what age three? I sure am glad that she just barely cut mine...

Mike and Adrianne said...

Katy, she just cut your hair? How did she do? You should post a picture of your cute new do. How are you doing by the way?