Saturday, November 03, 2007

First and second picture--maternity pants. None of them ever fit me. The black pants and the jeans on the left of the first picture are too short and too tight for me even as a new pregnant lady. So sad. The size both says medium. The tan ones are a size 10 maternity. Then there are some black stretchy pants, size small. The last two pants on the right of the first picture are both great pants but the tan ones are way too long for me and the jeans always came to low on my hips. They are both size large. The black pants in the second picture are a size medium but only if you have TINY thighs, which I don't have. The yellow dress is from Chelsey but I always felt like a bright yellow cow. The shirts are also from chelsey, size xl but they were always too short. She might want them back, I'm not sure. The shoes are all size 8 1/2. The hat is Mike's and he doesn't want it anymore.

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chelsey said...

Just chuck them if you don't want them anymore. I don't think I ever wore that yellow dress either! I don't need any of it back. Thanks though.