Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Working With Adam

I have a co-worker named Adam Clark (and he's a good, bright, motivated worker, so ... it must be the name). He says he has ancestors who helped settle Spanish Fork, but we can't seem to make a connection via the family history stuff.

Does anyone know why the Clark line goes back only a few generations?

Jess -- Dad -- Henry Clifford -- James Edward -- John Richard -- dead end

Is there more info floating out there that we know of but haven't connected in FamilySearch?

On another note, I enjoy using to help quickly visualize fan charts and decendents. It uses your FamilySearch credentials and is pretty slick. You can't use it to enter data, but it's a great visualization tool.


Mike and Adrianne said...

I have tried to find John Richard Clark's parents for awhile now. I know they came from Dublin and there is a census record that shows the family was in New York and then they were in California after that but I can't find where the parents were.

The Duke said...

No one in the Clark family has been able to trace the correct line with the Clarks past John Richard. There is a long,interesting story regarding him and his wife, Esther Clifford. She was the daughter of a wealthy man and John Clark was hired as the coachman of the family. They fell in love and were disowned by the family so they eventually came to America. They came from County Leitram in Ireland. There is some belief that earlier ancestors actually fled England to escape religious persecution. (They were Catholics.) Nothing has been proven. The Clifford family has been found but they apparently haven't been able to find a direct link to the right line. If anybody wants to go to Ireland to look for them, Jim and I are game and would love to go, too.