Saturday, November 07, 2015

2015 Christmas Gift Exchange

Based on previous years, this should be the line up for the 2015 Clark Family gift exchange. This isn't supposed to be a burden on anyone so please keep it simple. Also note that Chad and Kaitlin are moving immediately before Christmas (they leave Provo on Dec. 23, spend Christmas with Chad's parents in Colorado, and then continue on to Houston after the holiday).

I don't know of other's travel plans over the holidays.

Jason & Michelle: Chad and Kaitlin

Adam & Amy: Ammon

Brent & Chelsey: Jason and Michelle

Jess & Jen: Adam and Amy

Mike & Adrianne: Brent and Chelsey

Lindsey & Hans: Jess and Jen

Lance & Nancy: Adrianne and Mike

Dave & Tana: Lindsey and Haans

Gillian & Kevin: Lance and Nancy

Chad & Kaitlin: Dave and Tana

Ammon: Gillian and Kevin

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Judy Flack said...

Ammon, you are an amazing man and priesthood holder. Thank you for this talk and for serving a mission. I am going to try to do better in my service to others. Hope to see you soon.