Thursday, October 15, 2015


I hope Caleb and Megan share some of the pictures the professional photographer took. I think she was very good. I struggled with the handrails. They were always in the way and I didn't know what to do with them. But I got enough for me to remember what a fun trip we had and how wonderful the wedding ceremony was. Everything about the wedding experience was great.

Here are the combined families - now bound for eternity. Jared is the only one not present.

 Lindsey wanted pictures of her family standing in front of the temple. They were like little ants when I took the full temple. I don't have the right lens for that kind of shot.
 The temple changes colors depending on the time of day. This one was taken in the afternoon the day before the wedding.
Below is Jim talking to the man that performed the marriage ceremony. I can't remember his name. I have never heard a better explanation of marriage and the temple covenants than this man gave. He was one fantastic sealer!

 Look at these handsome brothers! Scott refused to be in any pictures I took so he got left out.

 This one is one of my favorites - just a little break for the girls.
 Cecily and Eva were clothed perfectly for the wedding. And Lindsey didn't even know what the colors of the wedding were. Aren't they adorable?
 Now sisters.


Jason said...

Love the pictures. Thank you for making the effort to be there.

Michelle said...

Great pictures. I'm glad you took some. They are really nice. Yes those handrails were in the way. I'm not sure why they have to have so many of them. I wish we wouldn't have had them in the pictures.