Monday, October 05, 2015

Kansas & Nauvoo

Our computer won't read my camera so I downloaded them to Ammon's computer. I have several of the wedding but I want to crop some and don't want to put them on until I'm finished with them. I just posted a few for now.

We had a wonderful trip to Kansas and Nauvoo. Lindsey and Hans and family met us on Thursday at the airport. We went out to dinner and then drove straight to Nauvoo. There were a couple of incidents that slowed us down a little (Jim throwing up a few times among others. You can ask Hans about the other one if you want.) We didn't get to Nauvoo until midnight and we were all exhausted. We stayed in the Nauvoo Condos 2 miles outside of town. It was a really nice place with a kitchen, plenty of beds, two full bathrooms, etc.

The following day we all hung out at Nauvoo, exploring, riding on the wagon, going to different sites and houses and went to the Visitor's Center. It was relaxing and fun. Lindsey's kids loved Nauvoo. And then Saturday came and the rest of the Clarks arrived. We did not know that Caleb was staying at the same place we were until the following day.

The wedding ceremony was as good as any I've ever attended. The sealer did an unbelievably great job explaining the "whys" of what Caleb and Megan were doing. I was completely impressed.
The bride is beautiful and tiny. Her family was very friendly and it was nice to meet them. The bridesmaids looked darling, the boys and groomsmen were handsome and well-dressed. After the wedding and after pictures were taken, we went across the street and had a lovely meal (Chipotle brought down from Iowa City). They had a simple ring ceremony there for all those that could not go into the temple.  Everything was just wonderful.

When I get our computer and camera to love each other again I'll post a few more pictures.

 Bridesmaids - see Alyssa on the right right. She's all grown up. She went to Homecoming that night after she got home. It was her first date. I'd say she had a pretty exciting day.

 Man, I've sure got some handsome grandsons!
 Michelle and Alyssa.
 There is no place on earth that has better sunsets than the Midwest. Sun going down behind the Mississippi.
 My favorite random picture. 
 Cecily wouldn't play the part of the little girl so Eva happily posed. This was so funny!
 Such cute kids!

I loved how the sun caught the girl's heads. Cecily had a poker face most of the time. She's kind of camera shy. I was always happy when I caught her smile.

That's all for now. I'll post more when I can straighten the temple, crop things out, etc.

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