Monday, September 07, 2015

Vacation Pictures

These photos are in no order whatsoever.
 This top photo is of a pond that is below David and Tana's back yard.
This photo and the one below are of the gardens at Mt. Vernon. Luscious!

 This is for Mike.
 The Washington DC Temple was closed and we couldn't get near. Scaffolding is on the sides and they were doing ground work. Volunteers from 5 stakes were also there stringing Christmas lights.
 Picture below is of the Vietnam War Memorial. We were actually able to find the name of an air force pilot lost in action from Benjamin. He was MIA for about 20 years. His body was finally found and identified and sent home about 10 years ago. His name was Franklin Caras.

 We did not do well with night-time pictures of this place. We didn't have a tripod but you get the idea. Lincoln Memorial is a wonderful place.
 Countryside where horse farms abound.
 Love, love this picture.
 A canal running nearby where David's first office was.
 This is the embassy of Saudia Arabia. We went down Embassy Row - all the embassies were there. I was awestruck! This road represents almost every nation in the world.
 Cutest little fat cactus I've ever seen. (It wasn't so little.)
 Stopped in St. George on our way home. Wish the wedding party hadn't been there.


Gillian Mohlman said...

hey- wheres all the henderson pics? ;)

The Duke said...

I will add some on Saturday.